Part 1 good, now Part 2

Followed my evening plan last night! Success and proud.

But my other area is middle of the night so I have identified that and have a plan to deal with that for today.

And then following those two will evade any morning prob’s when I can have coffee and toast. Or just coffee if I’m not hungry.

So if I wake in the middle of the night, I just have to go back to sleep. Really stop and breathe about what’s going on. Maybe make MINT TEA. And then just go back to sleep and think about following the thought out. How much better are you going to feel in the morning if you go back to sleep? You will feel better physically & mentally. You will feel strong and have hope about life. It will make the next day good. It will keep the good pattern going. That will keep you smiling. It is what to do to love yourself. You deserve the next day to be good.

So I can do that tonight. Then tomorrow will be good. And I will keep the evening and night plan going every night so every morning can be strong. Feeling strong and loving myself enough to build a life worth living is what I am going to do. I deserve it. And I refuse to lose that chance.


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