Today is the Day

Today is the day I go to Phuket to see my boyfriend for the first time in nine months! I cannot believe it’s finally here! I will be taking lots of pictures (so sorry for you that you have to keep hearing about this trip πŸ˜‰ ).

It’s just that this deployment is so hard. It is for everyone. I have the utmost respect for all the families, girlfriends, fiances, wives, families that are here at home. For the troops too, of course. I just think both sides have it equally hard in very different ways. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it. I have seen this be hard for so many people that I know and am close to. Today I am proud of my boyfriend and of myself for fighting so hard through this. And for how we have stayed so committed and connected. It is the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life.

I don’t know if I will be blogging there. I really hope so, but it seems like you have to pay extra for the internet and I don’t want to do that. I guess I will find out when I am there. It will be awesome if I can though. But if not, I will re-cap all on my return!

My flight doesn’t leave until 9pm tonight, which is nice because I have quite a bit yet to do. I already got my bills all ready for my mom to send out while I am gone. I am about to go swimming. Then I have to go by Walgreen’s and get some stuff, and by Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocer’s so I can bring my own gf bread, peanut butter, gf snacks, gf bars, etc. I am really worried about what to eat there gluten-free and dairy-wise. Also because the doctor told me not to eat fruits or vegetables unless they are cooked. I am hoping that doesn’t apply to the resort!

I was so anxious last night, I drank too much merlot and now I am worrying about how my stomach looks puffy. I am just trying to calm down today because it is here!

Everyone stay strong and thank you for all the well wishes!


3 thoughts on “Today is the Day

  1. Oh, have a wonderful trip! Please tell your boyfriend how much I appreciate his service for our country… it’s amazing to me the sacrifices our service men and their girlfriends, families, etc make for our safety and I highly respect them for it.
    Hope the trip is incredible!! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m pulling out the “ditto” card to what Brittany said – many thanks to the troops! I am in the process of helping a friend put together care packages for eight soldiers serving (her boyfriend is in the Army), so that’s my small contribution to the cause.

    I hope you enjoy your time with your boyfriend. Don’t worry about blogging – we’ll all be here when you get home!

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