An Ode to Colorado Sunshine

Okay, so this isn’t really an ode. You know, “–noun: a lyric poem typically of elaborate or irregular metrical form and expressive of exalted or enthusiastic emotion; originally, a poem intended to be sung”.

Yeah, we don’t really use that word correctly a lot. People say it to mean a “tribute”. So my new title should be “A Tribute to Colorado Sunshine”.

Anyway…Colorado sunshine!


Oct 15

Sunny (Clear)Sunny (Clear)Hi:80°Lo:49° Day: Sunny. High 80F. Winds N at 3 mph. Air Quality:Good, UV Index:5 0%
Night: Clear. Low 49F. Winds N at 13 mph. 0%


Oct 16

Mostly SunnyMostly SunnyHi:67°Lo:46° Day: Mostly Sunny. High 67F. Winds N at 3 mph. Air Quality:NA, UV Index:5 0%
Night: Partly Cloudy. Low 46F. Light winds. 0%

They say October is our sunniest month. I think that is interesting; I have read it like five times lately. I guess we do always have blue skies in October, not many little rainstorms in the afternoon…but this is all relative, it’s always sunny here. So I guess they mean we have on average one more sunny day in October than the rest of the months. Anyway, we are having the most wonderful Indian Summer here! 🙂 The mornings and evenings are still crisp, but it warms up with that nice dryness in the day and the leaves are starting to turn. I just love being able to have the window open. Then I don’t feel suffocated. I love the fresh air!

I was wondering the etymology of this term “Indian Summer”. These are wikipedia’s theories; kind of interesting:

“The etymology of ‘Indian summer’

Maple leaf in Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada

The expression ‘Indian summer’ has been used for more than two centuries. The earliest known use was by French-American writer St. John de Crevecoeur in rural New York in 1778. There are several theories as to its etymology:

  • In The Americans: The Colonial Experience, Daniel J. Boorstin speculates that the term originated from raids on European colonies by Indian war parties; these raids usually ended in autumn, hence the extension to summer-like weather in the fall as an Indian summer. Two of the three other known uses of the term in the 18th century are from accounts kept by two army officers leading retaliation expeditions against Indians for raids on settlers in Ohio and Indiana in 1790, and Pennsylvania in 1794.[2]
  • It may be so named because this was the traditional period during which early American Indians harvested their crops of squash and corn.
  • In the same way that Indian giver was coined for people who take back presents they have bestowed, the phrase Indian summer may simply have been a way of saying “false summer”. (However, some traditions maintain that “Indian giver” refers to the practice of giving gifts at the end of pow-wow to honor and support the receiver in living a good life. If the recipient fails to do so, the giver may take back the gift.)”

I love how much sun we get here though. It is so much easier to be happier, even though the winter is kind of long. We DO get more sunny days than San Diego. In the dead of winter, it will snow and then the sun will come out the next day or even three hours later. It can be 25* outside and you go out and feel the sun shine on your face and perk yourself up, it’s wonderful.

In other news: B. is in Phuket already, with his parents. He said it is amazing. I am glad they are there so he isn’t lonely. It is a hard transition for people to go from being so busy they don’t have time to think about combat stuff to relax time where they do have time to think about it. He was there one night all alone so I am glad they are there now. I am going to overlap with them one day and then get to spend 10 days with just me and him  —> very happy about that!

Where do you get your news from? I read the newspaper, I don’t read online news much and I don’t watch it on TV. I love the old-fashioned newspaper…I read it cover to cover every day. I love reading it outside on the deck or in the morning with a cup of coffee (or both when the weather is nice).

I have a nurse’s visit appointment today to get travel shots. I talked to the travel doctor (what a cool job) and she said that I only really need HepA and to update my tetanus (expired for 7 years or something…whoops). And I have to wear lots of DEET for mesquitoes, but it is a low-risk malaria area…although they have some reports of dengue fever now (hence the DEET bug spray). I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t go in earlier because the HepA should is supposed to take two weeks to set in so that is kind of pointless. So no crazy street food for me. I could still get it because in some people the immunity comes faster, but I don’t want to have a reaction so I will probably pass. But I am going to get the tetanus booster.

I can’t believe I am going half-way across the world on Sunday! I feel so unprepared. My boyfriend just wings things like this, lol. I need a calling card, cash, I don’t even know what else. I am worried about physically getting around, just in the airports on the way there. I don’t think I will have to get a wheelchair now though. Maybe just in Hong Kong? In Denver, LAX, and Phuket’s airports I will be fine.

AS a parting random topic: I hate psychiatrists! They are bred on Mars where they have all of their compassion removed and then are shipped to Earth to be insensitive and devoid of all human emotion….and make people like me cry after every appointment because I am so frustrated with their mean alien-ness.

I stuck to my plan this morning and feel so brave. I will elaborate more next time.

Have a great day!


One thought on “An Ode to Colorado Sunshine

  1. I can’t believe your going half-way around the world LOL! Will you be blogging? Just enjoy being there and with B. …but do take a few pictures or keep a few stories in mind to share 🙂

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