A little humor

I went swimming. 🙂 Took me a long time to go, but now I feel AMAZING, as always! 🙂 🙂

Worked on dog stuff a lot too, felt like I did a good job today. After one of the other coordinators yelled at me (over e-mail too!), I felt like I really wasn’t doing well. It was a situation where I didn’t do my best and neither did she. But I really enjoy being busy with that. I also enjoy how no one is “ageist” against me. I am 25 years old, but I look young. People think I am in college a lot. Or sometimes, ugh, high school! And then they are condescending. First of all, I don’t think you should treat someone badly even if they ARE in high school, but I also don’t like being stereotyped into an age group that is much younger than me. Anyway, the president of my dog rescue probably has no idea how old I really am and she has given me so much responsibility based on the effort and performance I have had. It is a nice feeling.

Random: I am the queen of nicknames. I have ridiculous nicknames for my sisters. And always have crazy ones for my dogs. I can’t remember the last time I called my sisters by their real names. Anyway, our dog Scotchie…I call her Roo-Roo….or, out of that, Rooster.

Roo Roo

My mom loves Halloween. Well, really she loves Thanksgiving and Christmas (and decorating the house with festive stuff), so she sees Halloween as the start of the holiday season. I hate Halloween, by far my LEAST FAVORITE HOLIDAY!

I’ve hated it since I was a kid. Trick-or-treating was always freezing (so no one could ever even see our costumes because we had to wear a coat over them); I am not creative at all so I could never even THINK of a costume; I had this paranoid fear that some creep would poison my candy (even if it was in a sealed Snickers wrapper) so I always just gave it away to my sisters (guess I didn’t care if they got poisoned, haha); I was the biggest fraidy-cat ever and had nightmares about every horror movie, no matter how dumb it was; etc.

Now I still hate how its cold, slutty costumes, scary things, and all the candy!

So my mom was running around Sunday covering the whole house in Halloween decor. I forbid her to put all this junk on my “desk” (the dining room table that I have taken over, my only space!). She is ridiculous! We have Halloween magnets, calendars, figurines, candles, pumpkins, everywhere!

AND every years she buys GOURDS that she places everywhere.

Okay…gourds are always ugly. But this year she out-did herself. THIS is what she brought home (saying, “Aren’t these so cute?!”):

The bunch of them

Close up

I saw these and said: “Oh my god, these look like…”

My sister: “A crooked penis with one large ball?”

Me: “Exactly.”

Oh, mother!

Do you like Halloween?

The air is fresh today, I feel calm when I get out on a little walk.

Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.
Elizabeth Bowen

*That is how the weather here in Colorado feels. Cold in the morning, then it warms up in the afternoon and by evening is pleasant, then cold again. And then I can sleep under my electric blanket and wait for my B. to come home and warm me!



2 thoughts on “A little humor

  1. You know I am with you on the Halloween thing – solidarity sister!!

    Trust me when I say that looking young is not a bad thing, especially when you get old like me! Now I am thrilled when people say I look like I’m 25. Even though I know they are totally lying. 🙂

  2. I have so many names for my dog Dakota… Bean, D, Wiggles, Monkey…

    As for looking your age… I just turned 30 and people still think I am in college… generally they think I am a NYU freshman… it’s kinda annoying. I usually tell them “well actually… I just graduated from GRADUATE school… I have a masters.”

    As for Halloween… I have never liked it… I guess I don’t get it. My friends get so excited, I just get annoyed.

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