St. Francis…and more of me talking about dogs

Good morning. Today is the Feast of St. Francis service at church — you know, the patron saint of animals? I love going to this service because everyone gets to bring their pets for a blessing and there are just a bunch of dogs barking through the whole thing and cats trying to escape them.

We go to an Episcopal Church in case you are wondering and my religious background is kind of odd…? I am not super churchy, but I like the Episcopals. My dad is what he calls a Jack Catholic, grew up Catholic, is one no longer, isn’t anything any longer. And my mom grew up as a Presbyterian/sometimes Baptist (her parents are still crazy evangelicals in my opinion) – so I guess we met in the middle and went with the Anglicans. My dad never goes though, just my mom and me. Anyway, I like the Episcopals. They have all of the tradition but are way more liberal.)

The Episcopals aren’t really into saints in the Catholic way…yet we still name all our churches after saints and love St. Francis obviously (who doesn’t?). 🙂

I am really open about religion. My sister double-majored in religion and English in college (meaning she studied the theory/history of all religions, with a Judeo-Christian focus, not that she is religious; she is a total agnostic bordering on Philip Pullmanism (yes, she jokes this is real, haha). Anyway, we discuss it all the time and I personally incorporate Christian stuff, my science mind, and eastern philosophies (Buddhism, Taoism – these really go with DBT) into my life.

But this year I don’t think I can go. 😦 It’s my favorite! But my mom is doing the Denver Race for the Cure this morning and she already left and the first service is at 8am. I don’t think I can handle driving there by myself and driving to my pool afterwards. I guess I have about 10 minutes to decide…I really want to take our dog Scotch. She is so mellow, I feel like she would be a good girl there.

I think Scotchie still gets lonely without another dog here, but I am so glad we decided to stop looking for one right now. I am the biggest dog-lover in the world, but they are stressful, man!

Since I am a cripple now…yes, we are taking that word back (meaning I can use it but you can’t; unless you are a cripple too!)…I have been forced to think about dogs that don’t have much energy. This is disappointing because my dream dog to get next was always a Weimaraner that I could take running with me. “Not much energy” is the antithesis of my personality. (I don’t think I am using that word correctly).

First, let me say that I KNOW all dogs need exercise…and I really appreciate it that even these “laziest dogs” lists say that. However, some obviously need more than others. And I couldn’t handle a Weimaraner! I CAN take my dog on little walks around the block, several times a day for 5-10 minutes at a time nowadays. And I would teach them to fetch and go throw the ball for them a lot and have lots of play dates. I am a good dog owner, don’t you worry.

So I have gone from wanting a Weimaraner, Pointer, Boxer, or Viszla to one of these lazier dogs….let it be known that I really dislike small yappy dogs. The only exception to this rule is pugs. They are hilarious and don’t fit that normal small dog genre. They don’t even bark thaaat much, althought they snore majorly! I feel like I always have to have a funny dog, after my basset hound…that’s my M.O. now.

What does M.O. stand for?

Also, what is a shortlink or a hyperlink and how do I add them in to my blog (instead of having a whole URL stuck in there)? I can tell you intimately the entire structure of Vitamin D and how it is biochemically processed in your body, recite the entire glycolyic pathway, define an integral, or give you the kinetic equilibrium of a given chemical reaction…but I can’t figure out wordpress.

(But please don’t be deluded that basset hounds are lazy…they are NOT! Until they hit about 6 years old…but before that, I would walk mine for two plus miles twice a day in college, easily, or he would (literally) eat all my textbooks.)

Anyway I could get (this is not happening until I get engaged and get a house with a yard with B….to be honest, I really don’t want another dog right now at all, I can’t replace Deeter yet, I can’t think of any other dogs I would want but him):

  1. Pug

2. Scottie – my grandparents and uncle have bred these for years and I can’t think of a dog that walks slower…


3. Corgi…okay so these are not lazy at all…like bassets, surprisingly energetic…but my dad wants one SO bad, so some day we are going to get him one (so this is not for me).


4. Lastly, a senior Golden from my rescue 10 years old or older. Just an old guy I can take on slow walks.

Okay this guy is pretty old. 🙂

Well, there you have it!

I just read this study that said agnostics and atheists scored highest on a test done in a recent study asking questions about the Bible, other major religions, and religious history. My sister could tell you that! She is always commenting on how things people commonly take as part of Christianity aren’t even in the Bible at all. I am not just talking controversial things just so you know.

Are you religious? What religion to you belong to? I am really struggling with my faith lately. I don’t know how to feel more connected to God. It’s like I just don’t FEEL anything there with me. Some people say they feel God the most when they are going through a hard time. I feel like I feel Him when I am doing well. That is when I feel thankful and blessed and see why things went the way they did.

I blabbed so much I missed my church window! Oh well. Maybe my dad and I can go late later to the next service after he is done golfing. Or Scotch will just have to wait for next year. Disappointed. But I need to accept this and move on, like in everything!

PS: My binge/purge mode is over. It just passed, like I said. But how do I make than happen sooner, instead of it lasting for 5 days?!


6 thoughts on “St. Francis…and more of me talking about dogs

  1. I came across your blog about a month ago and have been reading your posts ever since (I’m subscribed via Google Reader). I wish my first comment was more profound than this but I can’t help myself: you’re missing a very important dog on your list – the miniature dachshund 🙂 Best.Dog.Ever. When I was 18, my mom told me I was allowed to get my own dog. Like you, I was fascinated with Weimaraners and Viszlas at the time, so I was pretty disappointed when my mom informed me that she had already bought a miniature dachshund. Fast forward 13 years and I’d never have anything other than a dachshund. My dachshund has been by my side through my recovery from anorexia, learning that I have an autoimmune disease, and having my parents move across the globe. I couldn’t have done it without such a hopelessly devoted, mischievous, funny-looking little pooch by my side.

    Video of My Dachshund Wearing Homemade Booties in Snow

  2. I have a Weimaraner and a mutt (pit/lab/whippet)… I love them both. But I have to say I would never get a Weimaraner again. Both my dogs were rescues and I always plan to get my future dogs from shelters and I think I am only going to get pit mixes, they are the best!

    I am an atheist. I believe that we should be good people and do good things. I don’t believe that there is a high power that controls us or the situations around us. One of the things that gets me through hard times… my dog Dakota (pit/lab/whippet mix)… she has gotten me though the darkest times.

    • The pics you have on your blog that I have seen of your dogs are so cute, I think I have only seen the Weimaraner though? I feel the same about my basset hound (he died a month ago) – I LOVED him and he was hilarious, but I would never get one again! Most stubborn, untrainable dogs ever! But I can’t replace him 😉

  3. My grandparents were Episcopalian and I remember always going to the animal blessing each year. 🙂 Right now I personally go to a Methodist church, but I just classify myself as a person of faith in God and Jesus…not so much a certain “religion”.

    All the dogs are adorable!

  4. I wanted to write back to the comment you left on my blog (thanks for reading, by the way!) I’m so sorry that you don’t feel close to God right now. Before I finally confronted my eating disorder, I know that I didn’t feel close to Him because I felt like I didn’t deserve God’s love, that I was continually letting Him down, and that I was a waste of His time/space/creation. When I was diagnosed with anorexia, I still felt this way but that same week I got this wonderful book called “Shame Off You” by Alan Wright (linked to here: I would WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend it. I read this book and felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I remember sobbing at the end of several chapters because I knew what He was saying about God’s love for me was true, and I finally knew that God loved me so deeply no matter what I did or said or thought in my most private moments. I was also finally willing to let Him in to even my deepest struggles. It was a deeply healing book and helped me open myself to the relationship a lot more. I really recommend it for you!
    Thanks, Sarah

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