Is this me?

Thought I would write a post about food despite myself. I have been so good about eating more of a variety of healthier things in the past 5-6 months and incorporating different foods into my diet, about focusing on adding things in instead of taking them away, about focusing on what nutrients each thing has in it for me. I looooove veggies and salmon and healthy things and how they make me feel!

5 foods I am loving lately (in the past few months):

  1. eggplant – roasted!
  2. beans – especially black beans and kidney beans
  3. avocado (always loved this!)
  4. beets – homegrown from my dad’s garden
  5. plain/original soy milk

5 foods I am excited to eating this fall:

  1. sweet potatoes
  2. almond butter
  3. MORE eggplant (can’t resist – the season for it is Aug-Oct)
  4. roasted potatoes
  5. pumpkin

For me to get excited about food is an anomaly, but I am getting excited about these new foods and how good they taste and how good they make me feel after. I think that is a good thing!


9 thoughts on “Is this me?

  1. Oh your a doll! Food is a very touchy subject for me…but Almond Butter and Sweet ‘taters girl?! They’re ALL-YEAR round ;).

    I must try beets though. I haven’t had them forever and that was when they were canned. I think they’d be good roasted.

    • I just sort of winged it at first but here is how I do it now. I cut up the slices and places in a baking pan, drizzle olive oil over it, cover it in balsamic vinegar, sprinkle rosemary and a little thyme on top and roast at 375 for 30+ minutes.

  2. Thanks for the tip on exercise-induced asthma! I read about it and sounds so similar to what I experience. I will def be bringing this up to my doctor because I would love to be able to run outside even in cold weather.

    And sweet potatoes….a staple in my kitchen. I was eating them every day for a while until I decided I needed to not eat the same thing every day, haha. And I LOVE Thai dishes with eggplant! It’s my favorite way to eat eggplant. Though I admit I don’t actually cook the Thai dishes…it’s more of an eating-out thing. But so good! And it is great to be excited about food! SO much better than to dread it or feel guilty about it all the time.

  3. I have a feeling I may have commented this same exact thing on here before, but I can’t remember. So forgive me if I’m repeating myself. I just re-read through your two posts about your pain. I so relate. I’ve been dealing with severe knee pain for six years and now have a new disease on top of it. (It’s even more fun: My feet burn like my veins are filled with acid.) Anyhow, I get the whole not being able to drive, go anywhere without a guaranteed seat, etc. But have you been tested for Lyme disease? I’m being tested right now. (It’s crucial, though, that you go to a Lyme literate doctor.)

    I’m no expert, but you should definitely watch the documentary Under Our Skin. It costs money (I think $40), but it’s so worth it, even if you don’t have Lyme. As someone who’s pretty much couch-bound from an illness, it really hits home. And a lot of your symptoms—nerve problems, etc—are symptoms of Lyme. As I read through your posts, I was like, that could be Lyme! It’s crazy how many systems that bacteria attacks—and it’s crazy how the epidemic is controversial. Definitely worth the money … and looking into in case you do in fact have it.

    • Thanks for your comment! Interesting about lyme, I will check it out. I just finally got a bunch of tests done that I had to save up money for…my neurologist is pretty sure I have a problem with a gene that myelinates my peripheral nerves. If it is not this specific disorder than it is probably in the group of similar diseases. I am waiting for the results and then will reveal all and go into a lot more detail on my blog (as you have done). 🙂

      Really had to push for these tests myself based on my own scientific knowledge and research – people just blow you off sometimes unless you advocate for yourself and insist something is wrong!

      Anyway, I really identify with what you are going through. I truly have sympathy for anyone with an injury, but this takes it to a whole new level and makes me regret whining about not being able to run with a temporary injury in the past when now I can’t do hardly any exercise with my legs and only short bouts of swimming with my arms. Not being able to get around the house or walk to the car is a whole different story! Thanks again for being so inspiring, I found your blog a long time ago and it has helped me a lot through this.

  4. Roasted potatoes are one of my most favorite things ever! It is so rare to find a food that doesn’t bother my stomach EVER and potatoes are it!

    Eggplant parmesan is one of the easiest things to make – if you love eggplant you should give it a try!

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