Going to Thailand in a month (33 days). Counting down. I am terrified about how this trip is going to affect my body, but going to see my boyfriend is going to be so amazing.

Also the thought of a custom-made mojito whenever I want it is going to be amazing. Nai-Yang beach

I have never been somewhere with clear ocean water. I have been to the Pacific ocean and the northern Atlantic, never even to the Caribbean. Actually this isn’t true, the Mediterranean…I have been there…is pretty clear, but not entirely.

I have to call today to get shots. It is crazy I am going half-way around the world. It is also crazy I am going to a place where you have to get shots. I need/want to get Hep. A, typhoid fever, and some kind of anti-malarial whatever. I hear they have malaria in the Phuket area sometimes now. Kind of crazy since it such a traditionally resort area. But the CDC recommends that going to the southern peninsula you should definitely get Hep. A and typhoid fever. I also need a tetanus booster; I think that expired two years ago, maybe three.

Embarrassingly, I used to pronounce (years ago) Phuket like F*ck-it. Glad I got that figured out now. 🙂 Not because I was being an ass, just because I honestly thought that’s how you pronounced it.

Okay will post again later with how I am doing in other arenas. This morning I am accepting my fibromyalgia and taking my time to get up. My stomach is churning as usual. I have trouble accepting my stomach troubles every day. I need to work on that so much. I need to work on loving myself anyway and realizing they aren’t always my fault. And that I can’t just not eat to fix them. They are there. I think they are the most bothersome of all my symptoms.


5 thoughts on “Nai-Yang

  1. Thailand… wow! I have always wanted to go there some day. I hope things go smoothly as you get everything taken care of before you leave. Definitely get the anti-malarial shot! I had a friend in Africa who got malaria. Not good!

  2. I’m sure I wrote this before but I cannot wait to go to Thailand! It looks beautiful but shots are a must!!

    I feel you on the stomach issues – I have them and while they are better they will probably never go away. I hate that!

  3. Again, read my comment on the last post 😉

    And, be grateful you get to go to Thailand!! GREAT stuff! Gosh.

    What are you stomach issues? I have horrible stomach issues – indigestion, “blocked-up” (to say it politely…or maybe that sounds worse?), bloating extreme, etc. Anyways, it’s just life for me now.

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