Summer while it lasts

Today I am thankful:

  1. That it is still summer! 🙂 So i can do my barefoot walks as much as I want/can and can study here with the door open and maybe on the deck later. I love fresh air, being outside, and never having to worry about being cold. :):):)
  2. For Scotchie.
  3. For my new medicine and the hope.
  4. For mini-walks in general without pain. 🙂
  5. For my bravery.
  6. For my love and how amazing he is and for all his phone calls.


7. For gluten-free beer

”]This is the latest one I have tried. I really liked the first one (New Grist) much better to be honest. This Tread Lightly is from NewPlanet in Boulder, CO but is too light for me. Interestingly, it says the nutrition facts on the bottle. Still don’t understand why we can’t do that for all beers (and wine)!

The next I want to try is NewPlanet gf Raspberry beer though! I love raspberry beer! 🙂

”]I REALLY have to stick to my gluten-free diet from now on. I am tired of being sick. I just had a bad month to be honest and struggled with lots of eating issues in general and didn’t love myself enough to do it. It is amazing how I feel fine after drinking gluten-free beer and would feel so awful after ONE BEER before (even though I love it!). I am realizing more and more that I really can’t have ANY gluten and am much more sensitive to it than I thought!

Love how my blog is so much about gluten-free beer and doggies now. I will have to do a more detailed flavor comparison on these beers soon. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Summer while it lasts

  1. Staying gluten-free gets easier and easier! I have been so for almost a year and I don’t even give it a second thought.

    I hope you feel better soon…just remember, a tiny bit of gluten isn’t worth feeling sick for!

    Thank you for your kind comment Katie! I really appreciate your confidence in me. 🙂

  2. Aww great post girl! And your doggie is ADORABLE! I hope you feel better soon! All of us food bloggers are behind you! 🙂

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