I’m a sponge!

I just came upon this article on oprah.com (love the website and magazine and its self-reflection focus!).


It’s about people that are a ‘sponge’ for other people’s emotions. I am like this – so in-tune with other people’s emotions and always letting it affect me or worrying about them, even to the extent of taking their emotion on.

Over the last year, I have gotten a lot better at this. I don’t really know how, I just tell myself, “I feel these emotions, they are allowed to feel them too and I can’t immediately fix it for them.” Interesting article if you want to read it.

In other news, I can drink beer again! I love beer! Well, gluten-free beer I mean. I tried this one the other night and loved it. Drank another one tonight. 🙂 Delicious, definitely would put it up against any regular beer.

I also want to try a gf beer called Tread Lightly, made in Boulder, near where I live in Colorado.

If you have to be gluten-free, what beers would you recommend?


One thought on “I’m a sponge!

  1. i didnt even know there were gluten free beers! crazy! glad you found one you liked.

    the only kind of beer I really like is hornsby or wood chuck–full of sugar haha! 🙂

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