An ever better plan

Update on the San Diego trip.

To be honest, I was still really waffling (I really like that word, lol) between going or not even after I wrote my last post. I could see a lot of pro’s and con’s to both sides. [For instance, last years I was also worried about staying home alone but I had the greatest week of my life – having alone time gave me so much less anxiety that I was actually able to follow my meal plan and make huge steps in recovery…unfortunately I lost this after they came home, but I learned a lot that I still carry with me.] Both choices this time seemed equally challenging in very different ways.

Then my dad came up with a great plan. Why don’t I just come for half the time (3-4 days instead of 8) like my parents suggested to me last year? I thought about this and my dilemna was solved. 🙂

You see, this gives me the best of both worlds. I am going Sat-Tues. I will get to see the ocean and get out of my house, but it won’t be so long. Then I will also get my alone time here to study and feel some peace before they come back home. I don’t really do well with long trips. But I do okay with weekend trips.

Anyways, I feel good with this solution. I think it will be awesome to get out and then get on a good kick before the vacation starts driving me crazy so that I can bring the kick back home to carry on with. 🙂

Misson Beach, San Diego, California

I love the beach. I am from Colorado – lots of mountains, but I don’t see that many big bodies of water, just rivers. So I am fascinated by the ocean, bays, etc. I know people visit here and get the same fascination with the Rockies. I had to move away to Tennessee and then come back home to really appreciate them. Now I look off my front porch and smile at their majesty every morning when I do my affirmations, so thankful for where I live. Anyway, my grandma’s vacation house is really close to both Mission Beach AND Mission Bay. My boyfriend is from Seattle and he always laughs at me when I get so excited about boats. I have been on a real boat a total of 4 times in my whole life (not including ferries). Also kind of foreign to me are big lakes. I am used to lots of rivers. Yes, we have some lakes here, but my family was always too poor to have a boat (or to have friends with boats) so we never got to one much.

What kind of scenery do you live around? Do you like where you live? What’s your favorite thing about it?


9 thoughts on “An ever better plan

  1. I live in MN and I love it here. There are trees/plants/grass everywhere, plenty of parks, rivers, lakes, etc. I am only a few hours from Lake Superior (my “ocean”) and yet a few hours away from pure countryside/farmland. I love that there are so many beautiful places, including downtown Minneapolis with all the shops/businesses/banks/buildings. Everything is so close to me and yet when I go in my house it is just me and my husband in our own little world.

    I enjoyed reading your post today and it sounds like you have a good plan for your vacation. I hope you enjoy it!

      • I didn’t always like it here in the midwest, but I’ve realized if I don’t start making the most of it and enjoying myself, I’m going to be miserable. I used to want to move to Maine or Washington state — those northern coast states alwasy intrigued me. Now I’m ok with visiting places for vacations and having MN as my home.

  2. It is definitely challenging letting go of routines, etc. on vacation. I used to have a tough time eating and dealing with my allergies but you know what? I never look back on any vacation and think, gosh I wish I hadn’t gone.

    San Diego is beautiful! And if you make your way up to LA please let me know!

  3. I need to catch up on your blog. I’m so behind, but it is worth the reading! 🙂

    My scenery is and will always be a college campus. No complaints, I’ll always have a local coffee shop.

  4. Have a wonderful trip, I’m sure you will have a great time!

    I live Wisconsin, but it the city and I love it! We have all of the fun of a big city, but with beautiful lakes and parks.

  5. Sounds like a great trip and compromise. I live in AZ where it is hotter than blazes but such a beautiful state. Large sweeping red rock formations, cactus and blue skies but also being a Colorado girl, I love to get to the mountains where it’s at least 30 degrees cooler.

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