Persevere and Conquer

Stop expecting perfection in every moment. Know that as long as I cope with my DBT skills in THAT moment, I have NOTHING to ever be ashamed of and I have done nothing wrong.

It is about choices. It sucks to think of it that way because then there really IS something to blame yourself for, but it’s the truth. Just know you deserve in THIS moment to make a good choice.

Don’t think of yourself as ‘sick’; think of yourself as someone who copes positively and is working on many things – PCAT, volunteering, swimming.


  • Swimming or Bike/Jump in
  • Shower
  • Clean
  • 11am walk
  • sm.
  • afternoon: SBux or Outside study PCAT
  • 4pm Walk
  • TasksTasksTasks
  • wine
  • dinner 8pm
  • 9pm Walk
  • Tasks if really antsy
  • K.
  • Deep breathing
  • Read
  • Bed


(From skills class)

I will be accountable on here for this.

Sunday add church 8am, then gym



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