Lavender Fields

Wow. I woke up at midnight, after going to bed at 9, and never went back to sleep. Not especially anxious or anything, just couldn’t sleep. And I got really bored!

However, I am always looking for any natural stress and anxiety relief. I thought I would share with you one remedy I have tried and want to make a point of using more often. Then I will delve into a couple others this week.

  1. Lavender — Aromatherapy involves the therapeutic use of essential oils. Lavender is the most popular aromatherapy oil used today, probably because it has a pleasant scent and is the most supported essential oil in terms of research finding.

The essential oil supplement I have is made by Young Living and can be used topically, aromatically, or as a dietary supplement in milk or water. I smell it and use it on my skin, but have never tried ingesting it. I prefer the scent, and from the research I have done, this is the most substantiated way to use it for anxiety and stress relief purposes.

When I use lavender dabbed on my wrists or neck, or simply smell the bottle, it really does bring a sense of calm to me. I can breathe easier and it slows my brain down. Research shows that lavender has a mild sedative effect and calms the central nervous system. I am going to try to remember it more often this week as a first line of defense against intense emotions.

Another interesting thing…near my dad’s herb garden on the side of our house, there is a big lavender bush. My mom wanted me to figure out some things to do with it this year. I think that it would be a cool place to go outside and sit in the morning and do my affirmations – see if I can breathe in the scent. Also, I am planning to use the flowers to make a lavender cream later this summer to use on a peach or fruit-based dessert.

Off to church, then to swim, then to try not to go crazy today since I can’t start working on my nursing school application until July 1st, and won’t find out the answers to all my questions til tomorrow. I did apply to several jobs this morning that I am really interested in (part-time, one in a pharmacy call/distribution center 🙂 ), so I hope something works out with that. I REALLY need some income, and doing a job I love will bring me so much more self-worth.


2 thoughts on “Lavender Fields

    • Haha yeah, my body does some weird things with my sleep patterns sometimes, even though I try so hard to stay on a good schedule. Thanks for coming by, I checked out your blog and love your insight!

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