Sweet Summer Solstice

The flowers my littlest sister got me for my birthday

And her card

If you haven’t already gathered this by now, I am sort of obsessed with Summer. All winter, which is kind of long in Colorado, I just wait and wait for Summer (and yes I capitalize it šŸ™‚ ). That is how I get through it, just reminding myself that Spring and Summer are to come. My dad is just like me. We are always cold and can’t wait for the heat! So I am a happy camper on this longest day of the year.

On the pain front: feeling good! I think the combination of medicines I am on now is really helping, along with the anti-inflammatory gel. I had a good swim today and was able to kick one lap breast stroke today and yesterday and not suffer the rest of the day for it. I just dream of when this will be totally over.

Some thoughts on my upcoming school stuff: I have just been a little confused lately about it. Like I have mixed feelings – kind of excited but sad. I feel sad because I know it will be good but my nerve problems are keeping me from what I really want to do – nursing or pharmacy school. I am nervous to take out loans again and to push myself learning in an area that is really different to me – not science and involving pushing myself to network and be a people person.

So IĀ need to decide if I should just go with it and push myself and then go to pharmacy school afterĀ that.Ā I started doubting everything after my phone conversation/interview with the phD that runsĀ the program.

Hopefully,Ā I can get a job and then wouldn’t have to takeĀ out very much inĀ loans. It will only be 800 or so for each 8-wk class. That is only 400 a month,; IĀ could pay that every month as i go along if i have a job.I just have to wait for my disabilty and thenĀ I can get a job, and it will allow me to move at my own pace for now.

I keep reminding myself that I will have to transition from “student” to “work” sometime. I just have to have confidence in myself.


  • What is your favorite season?
  • Do you have any advice about my schoolĀ situation? How do you deal with leaping into something, especially when you lack self-confidence in general? I really believe that making yourself do things outside of your comfort zone is what builds confidence.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Solstice

  1. I love summer, it’s my absolute favorite season. It’s just so happy šŸ™‚

    I definitely agree that doing things out of your comfort zone builds confidence!

  2. I love fall!

    Anyway, I will die with loans. Ugh. I wish I had some great advice. First, I think it is great that you know you want to do pharmacy and you aren’t my friends doing Law school just because. The one thing I hate about my field is the amount of networking necessary…it never stops. I freaking hate it. I wonder it there is anyone you could talk to that is already in the program…get an idea of the climate? Hmm..I’m not helping.

  3. I completely agree with you that purposefully stepping outside of our comfort zones builds courage and confidence. I have a little saying I use sometimes: “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” I spent much of my life trying to deny my fears and anxieties, as if feeling that way was somehow wrong. Now I know that there is nothing bad about feeling afraid, as long as I don’t let it hold me back from living my life.

  4. I really like that saying. “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” So short but yet so powerful. I am going to remind myself of that! I also try to tell myself that if I wasn’t afraid, it probably wouldn’t be something that was important to me or that I needed to conquer.

  5. Hey girl!
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