Today is my 25th birthday.

I am getting back on track today after my back episode. I hate the back on track day, while at the same time being grateful that the bad mindset isn’t dragging on.

I have a great new plan full of determination for my 25th year. I am going to be strong and take my life into my own hands.

My plan for this week is to swim everyday until Saturday.

Then next week I will swim every day but schedule in Weds and Sat as rest days. Those days will be hard, but I am going to plan to eat the same things (per my new meal plan) as I would any swimming day. I will get up, have coffee, walk my dogs, then come home and take a shower and go about my activities.

Now that the initial anticipatory stress is over about my sister moving home, I am really excited she is here. It will be additional support for me as well as someone to hang out with in the evenings! And to have talks with, and read with. I won’t feel so bored or alone. And joking with her is a good way to escape my parents.

So I have written down a plan for this week to push myself and get it all rolling.

And then I have the plan for the nexts weeks  as well. It sucks sometimes, but I will have to push myself to stick to a schedule to level out my moods and energy levels.

Weds and Sat are going to be BRAIN SHUT OFF DAYS. Just stay in the moment and plan some fun activities.



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