Clean and Healthy

I left this comment on the blog “The Hungry Scholar” ( today in response to the question: “What are some eating habits you are working on or that you are glad to have gotten rid of?”—

“The main thing I am working on though is not eating late at night. I have this bad habit of not eating much during the day due to my anxiety and then eating a big late dinner at like 8-9 when I finally feel relaxed. But then I wake up with a stomach ache and not hungry and it leads into a bad cycle for the next day. So I am trying to force myself to eat more during the day. I ate breakfast today for the first time in a long time so go me!”

This morning I realized how GOOD I feel when I eat something healthy. I made a smoothie after my swim with just a frozen banana, fresh blueberries, some frozen strawberries, and organic plain low-fat yogurt. I feel great, it totally energized me in a good way (not restless energy, but focused) and was so clean and refreshing.

My shoulder joints are aching today, which worries me. Hopefully just part of fibromyalgia. I wish I knew what pain is from FM and what is from my nerve stuff/unexplained something. This is an important distinction – fibro pain – while painful and disrupting! – isn’t pain in the sense that something is wrong. Normally, that is what pain is…your body telling you to pay attention to something going on.

The new research on FM suggests that this condition involves a problem with neurotransmitters and chemicals in the brain such that signals for pain are sent when there is really nothing wrong. This is why pushing yourself to do things if you have FM is usually okay – you aren’t going to cause more actual damage. But with other things, say if I do have tomaculous neuropathy or a rheumatic disease, certain activities actually will cause damage to nerves, joints, etc.

So I wish I knew when to push through and when to stop! That is the most frustrating thing in the world to me, seeing how exercise is one of the most important things in life to me. I know when I have nerve pain because it is sharp and feels different than the achy fibro pain…but what about my shoulders and knees? What if some auto-immune or other disease process is going on? How do I know what is what?! I am terrified of making anything worse and having further limited activities.

Yesterday was so busy with dog rescue stuff! It was really nice to work so hard though. 🙂 Today is a little more relaxed. I am meeting a friend for coffee at noon and I don’t know what else…hopefully paying & organizing bills and applying for financial aid.


2 thoughts on “Clean and Healthy

  1. As a graduate student I cannot help but eat late at night. I usually go to bed at midnight or later due to school work or class planning. And at times, I’m chugging coffee. I cannot not eat when I drink coffee. I get dizzy. So I need to work on a study eating plan. I have to make sure I have healthy snacks around. I totally feel you.

    I hate bills.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I’m adding you to my blogroll. Love the blog.

    • I hear you on the coffee thing! I think coffee always makes me dizzy…I even tried switching to decaf to no avail. Thank you for visiting! Good luck on all the studying!

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