I got an “interesting” e-mail yesterday that made me kind of uncomfortable even though some parts were good. It made me really think about what I talk about here on my blog. I felt really misunderstood and have decided to try to not share so many personal details for awhile. I try to remember that this blog is for ME, mostly to talk myself into inspiration and to share my goals so I can keep them organized. But the fact remains that I am sensitive and maybe I have been silly to share so much of myself, even though no one really knows me.

Anyway, I am still going to share my goals, but probably won’t use as many specific terms and talk about certain things in such detail. I still don’t know how I feel about this but I am thinking about it.

Onward…things to be thankful for today:

  1. I had a great swim this morning. I got up early and went, and had a good night sleep too, didn’t even wake up with a stomach ache at all. I think cutting out the snack before bed is pretty key for this. Eating right before bed isn’t good for my tummy. I will have to adjust some things around.
  2. Lots of volunteer work to do today. One dog’s story is really sad, but I would like to share it, because I believe it is going to turn out well since she got to our rescue. Her name is Alexis. We received her in a group of breeder dogs from rural Missouri. Her owner was going to shoot the dogs because they were too old for breeding (read: 5-6 years old!). He ended up shooting Alexis in the leg (who knows why), and fortunately the neighbor heard and came over and offered to take the dogs to the local shelter, no questions asked. The man gave them up and we received the four dogs a few weeks ago. Now Alexis has undergone surgery and lots of follow-up care and is doing great at her foster home.
  • PLEASE DO TWO THINGS! Spay and neuter your pets, AND only buy puppies from a reputable breeder or adopt a dog. There are so many puppy mills that treat breeder dogs like this and make them live in poor conditions having litter after litter of dogs. My own golden, Scotch, was a breeder dog like this and we have had to work so hard with her to make her feel comfortable because she is so fearful.

3. I have therapy today. Although I have to take the bus there (an hour and a half each way!), I have a new plan for organizing some things so I can stay focused in my real life and also not feel so anxious at therapy. (I get anxious about fitting everything in that I want to talk about so I’m not wasting money.)

My birthday is this weekend. I love that my birthday is in summer, my favorite time of year. I don’t have many friends that still live around here, but I am hoping to get some people together to go out for sushi. I will be 25 after all! I am kind of nervous to ask because I am afraid no one will come and I will be lonely… but I am going to push myself to invite people anyway.

Be back later today!

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    One thought on “Hmmm…

    1. Happy (early) birthday! Sushi sounds like the perfect way to ring in your 25th year (or any year, actually.)

      Invite people with no worries–even if one person comes and you have a great time, that’s all you need!

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