Glorious summer day!

Well I have climbed out of the hole. I forgave myself for it, I JUST NEVER WANT TO FALL BACK IN AGAIN! I realize I am going to have depressions, etc, and things are going to be hard, but when I say that, I mean a specific thing and I know what it means and I can’t go there again.

Today I had a good SWIM! I kicked my legs in the breaststroke for TWO WHOLE LAPS (figured out breast stroke kick hurts less than freestyle) and I am actually taking my pain medicine and putting on the anti-inflammatory gel religiously and feel pretty good today (knock on wood). It is very summery weather here today and I LOVE IT!

Good news! I found the USB cord for my camera so I can put pictures up starting tonight – WHOO HOO! Then my blog won’t be so boring. 😉

I also road the stationary (reclining) bike for 7 and a half minutes today and that wasn’t too bad either but I don’t think I could go longer than that. I think I am just going to stick with swimming for now and my little mini-walks.

Tonight I am going to a wedding (really a ring ceremony – long story) with my mom. My dad is out of town watching my sister run the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego tomorrow! I am wishing her luck, this is her second marathon – she did the Philadelphia Marathon a year and a half ago! Very proud of her.


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