Teddy Bears

Good Morning!

It is absolutely gorgeous out today…I AM getting a USB cord for my camera today so I can take pictures of all the wonderful flowers in our garden and vastly improve this blog!

84 degress today, whoo hoo! I woke up at 6:30 not feeling well (as usual), but feel much better after I have had a cup of coffee. I drink half-caf in the morning and no caffeine EVER the rest of the day. I think the people at Starbucks get REALLY annoyed with me because I ask them like three times to make SURE my drink is decaf!

I got this little guy in the mail this week. 🙂 SIDE NOTE – I have the most enormous teddy bear collection ever! My whole family refuses to get me any more, but my boyfriend still does (:)), and my mom gets mad at him every time. 😉

I love him. 🙂

Today I am proud/thankful:

  • that I came so so so close to messing up my resolution from the other day, mostly because I felt sick and then because of something else – and I BEAT IT. I just drank my cup of coffee and now I am going to go swimming! I thought about how disappointed and desperate I would feel if I had to start all over and then I looked outside at how gorgeous it is and I didn’t want to ruin this wonderful day of sunshine, especially since tomorrow is supposed to be rainy.
  • that Film on the Rocks starts soon – I live in Denver and we have a great (and famous) out door concert venue called RED ROCKS AMPITHEATER (Have you heard of it? It’s on the anniversary edition of Monopoly with Times Square, etc.) Anyway, they do this thing every summer where they play movies on a giant screen and you watch outside. This year they have a great line-up (The Hangover, Clueless, Princess Bride, Superbad, etc.) and it starts next weekend! 🙂 I am excited. My sister comes home from Montana in a few weeks and I know she will take me (I can’t drive).

(photo from lariatloop.com)

Be back later with REAL pictures! Yay for swimming and for me being strong!

Do you have any things you collect? (I love your comments guys!) All of my teddy bears have names and when I was little I convinced they came alive when I left the room!


2 thoughts on “Teddy Bears

  1. Wesley: “Just a few more steps and we’ll be safe in the fire swamp.”
    Buttercup: “The fire swamp? Wesley, we’ll never survive!”
    Wesley: “Nonsense, you’re just saying that because no one ever has.”

    Love the Princess Bride. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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