Good morning!

QOTD: “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do.  There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”  ~Edward Vernon Rickenbacker

I think FEAR is the main emotion that runs my life, and it is also the one I am most afraid of. Like I am terrified of my own anxiety and that it will take control over me. But I like this quote. Without fear, there is nothing to be brave about. My boyfriend tells me all the time how brave I am, I never know what he means. I mean, he is in Afghanistan and handles so much and never complains and he calls ME brave?! But everytime he says it, it makes me determined to BE brave, and I like that.

Today is not going to be like the last two days where I messed some things up. Yesterday, I looked at myself in the mirror, crying, and said, “I forgive you, I forgive you for everything. And I love you. I love you so much”. And for once, I meant it. I know that I will have to tell myself that again and again at times, because my natural inclination is to self-hatred, but today I am going to let that peaceful feeling and that feeling of love carry me through.

MY POOL IS OPEN AGAIN TODAY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 So my plan this morning is to have a little coffee or green tea (I know I should err towards the green tea because I can’t handle that much caffeine and we are out of decaf…and plus green tea just feels so much healthier to me), and then go swimming! 🙂 It looks like a rainy day out right now but it’s supposed to get better/warmer/sunnier later on.

I am very picky about my coffee (for instance, Starbucks drip is NASTY!). This is the best coffee I have EVER had. We get the huge one from Costco, but I am not sure where else you could find it…TRY IT IF YOU CAN!

Okay so I went for the GREEN TEA though…this is also the BEST green tea I have ever had. 🙂 Also from Costco, it is so smooth with absolutely no bitter taste and needs absolutely no sweetener:

Question: What is your favorite kind of flower? The Tulips in our yard look so good right now. I love all the Spring flowers and also Roses and, especially, Calla Lilies!                                                                                                      


2 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Swimming sounds lovely.
    I wish I could do more. I literally have very “useless” legs and body. A short and slow walk is agonizingly heavy and burdensome. Its torture to debate whether it is “in my head”or physically legit. It sbeen like this for over a year now. Quite frustrating.
    i like tea and hot chocolate/cocoa…but I am sweetner type of girl 🙂

    • Can you use your arms okay? My feet hurt too much to kick in the pool even so I just swim with my arms and put a buoy between my legs so they float. It has saved me, its still a good workout. I am totally there for you with the frustrating medical mystery thing. I don’t think it’s all in your head. Sometimes physical symptoms can come out of mental stress but in the end they ARE real symptoms! Let me know if I can do anything!

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