Beautiful evening

I think I will probably try to post once a day in the evening, but since I am unemployed and do my volunteer work from home, I may post more often when I get my pictures going.

I love….

  • A warm Spring or Summer evening – it’s so beautiful out tonight 🙂
  • Dogs!

(My two babies)

  • My family and my boyfriend for their constant support.
  • The inspiring blogs I read today
  • When I feel calm and peace in my heart.

Good night everyone!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful evening

  1. Cute dogs, and don’t you just love this warmer weather? I can’t wait to buy some patio furniture to make sitting outside in the evenings even better.

    What kind of volunteer work do you do from home?

    • Hi there! I volunteer for a dog rescue in the city I live in. I supervise other volunteers by coordinating transportation for the dogs to their foster homes, vet appt’s etc. I also do a lot of paperwork stuff from home for the rescue. I really enjoy it!

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