Still figuring out the blog

Been doing a little better the last two days. I have to remember that I DESERVE to take my medicine to feel calm.

It’s still cold here in Denver, unusual for May!

I need to work out putting up more pictures on here. I don’t want to take pictures of my food but maybe my dogs and landscapes etc. I am still figuring out this blog obviously.

Quote of the Day: Sandra Bullock said recently, in People magazine, what dreams she has for her newly adopted child : “That he knows love – lots of it. That he sees that life’s sorrows don’t eliminate life’s great joys”. For some reason this last part made me cry, the words are so beautiful.

So today I wanted to start telling some of my STORY: I don’t want to go all the way back but I will start from last year and what got me to where I am now and then maybe fill in the other pieces later. So anyway, that’s what my next post will be about!


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