Sick and Tired…

I’m frustrated today because I am back to feeling out of it and having that sick/malaise feeling that had been gone for a little while. Maybe it’s because I had a such a bad week last week? And I really need to try cutting down on the alcohol and using natural anxiety reducing methods this week, like my deep breathing and MAYBE Klonopin before bed (WAITING FOR IT TO SETTLE IN) but no alcohol. I am just feeling terrible and out of it today and I hate it. On top of that, I am bloated…the WORST feeling in the whole world to me. So I made my own ginger tea and I’ll see if it helps. I am so tired and have no energy and am so frustrated but I am going to try to remember not to blame myself and eat healthier and remember that it will pass.

I think going swimming will really help. And drinking lots of water.

I am really scared and feeling so lazy and worthless after Saturday which was a HORRIBLE after I had just got my confidence back. But I stayed strong last night and listened to myself even though it was torturous. Please God help me to stay strong and eat healthier food and not drink right now and know that this sickness will pass in time.


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