Doctors Doctors Doctors

I have two BIG appointments today – with a new neurologist and then, right after, with an orthopedist.

I am very nervous to say the least. I just get so anxious, I don’t want to feel rushed and I want all my questions answered and I am sick of being shuffled around without anyone caring to help me as my primary go-to person.

To top it off, I am in a lot of pain today and didn’t hardly sleep at all last night. And the medication I took for my pain, a prescription that I rarely take (read – one other time) has made me so loopy even carrying over into today so I am extra nervous because I don’t feel like my head is on straight. I hate doctors and how they really don’t know anything! But I pray I will be pleasantly surprised today. I am actually kind of glad we switched to Kaiser after all my whining about it because it’s saving so much money and I can e-mail my doctors with questions so easily.


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