The Smell of Fresh Rain

It’s raining. Yes, raining, and the weather has been gloomy for it seems two weeks now. It doesn’t rain much in Denver and I was just kind of enjoying the smell of rain outside. I am ready for sunshine though. I want to be sitting outside drinking a beer right now in the evening sunlight. But that will come. Maybe I will go out again and enjoy the fresh rain smell.

There have been some hard things today – mainly an issue with being bored and stuck inside —> leading to feeling worthless. But I think I handled it well – finding things to do like take my dog on a mini-walk, laundry, making dinner for my family, and baking blondies for my friend’s house tomorrow night. Also an issue with wearing jeans and body checking, pinching/pulling on them to make sure they fit the same as yesterday or last week or whatever I do. At one point, I had to change out of them and wear sweatpants, but I changed back.

It’s only 5:40pm right now and the night stretches before me and scares me. But I really have to work on my application essay to the Master’s program I am planning to start in July. AND I can go on another mini-walk. And I just have to keep telling myself that tomorrow is going to be really busy and so is Sunday, so I can make it through just tonight! AND I DID SWIM TODAY! AND I AM NOT LAZY OR WORTHLESS!


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