I have agonized over what to write on this blog…before deciding that I am just going to write for myself and see where it takes me.

I’m going to start out simple – with four features that I want to incorporate every day (sometimes once a post):

1.) Things I am proud of today, then Things I need to Work on Today.

2.) Quote of the Day that inspires me.

3.) DBT skill of the day and Relaxation Plan(s) for the day (must include evening plan since I get REALLY anxious and fearful (can’t think of a strong word for that…terrified?) in the evening.

4.) Goals for the day or week (with be posted in the morning).

Okay, one thing to already be proud of, I made four things on my list instead of three…take that OCD and number obsession (OCD is a term thrown around a lot but I really have it).


a) Me 1 – OCD 0

b) I. ATE. BREAKFAST (a PB sandwich on an Orowheat sandwich thin, with way too much PB as I always do, including my extra scoop that I eat off the spoon)…and…I. FEEL. OKAY. AFTER (ie. no mental fog/extreme fatigue (KOW)) – I am still going to go swimming. I am also so proud that I felt like getting carried away and I stopped and waiting 15 minutes to let my body recognize that I wasn’t hungry anymore.


a) Go swimming even though I ate breakfast and don’t do all or nothing thinking orrrrr don’t go swimming until I feel like it and still don’t do all or nothing thinking and judge.

b) Okay I am terrified for the evening – but here is the plan:

@ 7pm — Come into room and do relaxation breathing

@715pm — Take K., just take 0.5mg tonight okay?!

@745pm — Eat dinner

Then — read, relax and turn off brain, stay in the moment and let the K. settle in

If you stay up — can have 1 scoop PB and a glass of cold milk before bed

Then brush teeth, lie in bed, do deep breathing and let yourself go to sleep.


QOTD — ON DETERMINATION “Little by little one walks far” – Peruvian Proverb


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