I’m currently reading “Rainwater” by Sandra Brown. I am an AVID reader, and I mean that! I have read about a book a week since the third grade. Anything from Harry Potter to John Steinbeck. I love to switch it up between new fiction and the classics.

Anyway, I will be doing some quick book reviews on here and since this book is short, I plan to finish it tonight so will be reviewing early this week.

Today has been hard – My anxiety was really high all day until I went into my room to do some breathing around 2pm and then took my dog on a mini-walk (as I call them with my nerve pain – more on that to come). I have felt calm since that and feel proud that I got the depression/freak out fog out of my brain before freaking out! I went on another mini-walk with my OTHER dog a couple hours later. My ankles felt pretty good today 🙂 Now it’s evening, which is my hardest time, but I am working on volunteer stuff for the dog rescue I volunteer for and that is keeping me busy. Can’t really say what skills I used this afternoon but I am just thankful I feel calm for once and am trying not to be afraid that it will leave.

I write this as if to an audience! And no one reads…


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